We are an experienced team of Unreal Engine developers and 3D artists. We provide development of different SDKs, plugins, tools and 3D graphics. There are 3D artists and developers in our studio who have great experience in the various CG projects. This combination of art and programming allows us to solve unusual tasks and implement projects of high quality and efficiency.

We take into work either full-cycle projects or certain stages of projects as an outsourcing service and support for other studios. We used to participate in AAA games as a developer for games known all around the world as well as a consultant conducting research and figuring out the best solutions to use and how to solve challenging and difficult issues that came across the development process

3D’s team has worked on character and environmental modeling, hand-paint texturing, rigging, motion capture cleaning. The R&D team has developed lots of plugins and scripts especially for the unique goals of the project. It was a great experience using Unreal Engine in animation, creating special shaders and unique rig system.

Our studio comprises veteran game developers, who have worked on numerous game projects including AAA titles, such as

  • Real Boxing 2
  • Karateka
  • Way